Infant Program

In our infant rooms, you will find a personalized, stimulating program, with plenty of attention to a secure environment that will meet your child's individual needs and schedules.

With a one-to-four child/staff ratio, our infants enjoy a complete and balanced routine, filled with age-appropriate toys and activities, along with outdoor time and a walk in our buggy.

You will find an infant staff that is warm, nurturing, and experienced. Progress sheets will track your child's daily experience.

We furnish table food for our older infants, crib sheets and blankets. Infant programs are full-time only.

Toddler Program

Our toddlers enjoy personalized care, highlighted by a balanced program and an enriched-learning environment.

With gentle guidance, our toddlers experience a one-to-five child/staff ratio. Our Toddler Enrichment Program is theme-based and includes developmental activities such as puzzles, blocks, manipulatives, music, riding toys, dramatic play, sand, water and pasta play, beginning science and math activities, art, reading readiness activities, introduction to Spanish, Sign Language and Yoga.

Our Toddler Program is enhanced by frequent visitors to our School including visits from Children’s librarian, many community helpers, magicians, Sunrock Farm animals and many more. Our Toddlers participate in our Spring Fling, Summer Ice Cream Social and our Fall Fest, along with many other celebrations throughout the year.

We provide morning and afternoon snacks, and a hot lunch. Full and part-time programs are available for our toddlers.

Pre-School & Pre-Kindergarten Program

Through much research and evaluation, we believe we have developed pre-school and pre-kindergarten programs that are charged with creativity and imagination.

With a one-to-ten child/staff ratio, our pre-school children are exposed to a loving and warm atmosphere, along with theme-based programs which include math and reading readiness experiences, learning centers, art centers, science centers, dramatic play, sand, water and pasta play, manipulatives, introduction to computers, Spanish, sign language, Yoga and more. Weather-permitting, our children have both a morning and afternoon outdoor time in our well-equipped play area.

Our program is enhanced with frequent visitors to our School including many community helpers, a magician, Mother Nature, Museum on Wheels, Mad Science, Aunt Dee Dee Storyteller, Sunrock Farm, Schoolhouse Symphony and many others. Our children also enjoy and participate in our annual Spring Fling, our Ice Cream Social in the summer and Fall Fest, along with many other celebrations throughout the year. Your child’s daily pre-school experience will include social interaction and hands-on activities that combine learning with play.

We provide a morning and afternoon snack, along with a hot lunch. Pre-school programs are available full or part time.